Birthday celebrations at

Rogerthorpe Manor

Birthday celebrations at Rogerthorpe Manor near Pontefract was the venue for Joan’s surprise for Joan’s 70th Birthday! Although a a fairly local venue to The SmileStation, this is the first event we have had here. If you don’t know The Rogerthorpe Manor, it is a really beautiful Hotel Venue which hosts many weddings and functions within its stunning grounds.

The event was held in the function room and we were positioned in the Conservatory. This was perfect for us as it gave us lots of room to display most of the quality myriad props we bring along with us and lots of room for the SmileStation itself.

The SmileStation BeganĀ 

We started the fun and frolics at 9pm and finished at 11pm. We were also booked to do some candid photography too, which started before the actual booth hire. Being a professional photographer too this is another service the we are able to offer our clients along with Wedding hero/Twilight Portraits. Check out the info on our prices page if this is something that would be of interest to you. The theme of the party was “Black tie” We custome designed a photo template to say “Joan’s 70th Birthday” and let me be the first to tell you, Joan had an amazing surprise party and everyone had lots of fun using The SmileStation Photobooth.

3 people using the SmileStation with props on
A Lady in a black dress at a party

The Gallery

Below are the collections of te images that were taken on the night. we have split them into 2 parts, Candid photography and the images taken by The SmileStation Photo Booth

The SmileStation Images

The Candid/Party Images