Should I have a photo booth at my wedding?

Maybe you are just engaged and recently started planning for your big day, or maybe you are getting very close to your wedding day and you have almost everything covered. Have you thought about booking a photo booth for your wedding?

Here are 10 good reasons why you should…..

1 – Fun! Here at the SmileStation Photo booth we have covered many weddings and one thing we can say the weddings we have attended people have been queuing up to use the photo booth and lets just say, everyone has relentless fun. And it is contagious, people usually come back for more.
2 – Memories! Every time the SmileStation photo booth is used, it generates a memory for your guests to keep as a print and also even more importantly a memory for YOUR big wedding day. C’mon I mean, have you ever seen your mother-in-law with a duck nose and a truncheon? I guess not (unless she’s a little crazy)
3 – Keepsakes! Every use of the photo booth generates 2 prints, 1 for the guest and another for the signature guest book, we pop the 2nd photograph into the guest book and then the user writes you a little message, this then gets given to you at the end of the night and you can look back at this for the rest of your lives.
4 – Digital Copies! The SmileStation has the option of uploading the images live to a Facebook gallery, your guests can then download or share their photo’s from there on the night. Of course if you don’t want this feature, then it doesn’t have to be used. The Photos are still available to you as digital copies at no extra cost.
5 – Groups! The SmileStation photo booth is open style. We have seen many photo booths of all different styles and shapes, we put a lot of research into developing the SmileStation, in a nut shell an enclosed booth people struggle to get inside in groups (usually no more than 4 people) Guest are stuffed in like sardines in a tin. This is why we are open style! Our booth can accommodate any size group.
6 – Professional! We are professional photographers by trade and know how everything actually works. We use professional DSLR Cameras and lighting. Many photo booth companies use I-pads and even webcams for their photos and for the SmileStation this just simply isn’t good enough.
7 – Personal! We offer FREE personalised prints for every booking as part of our service. Upon booking we will ask you your colour schemes and styles and also the text you would like on the print. Just leave it to us and on the day your prints will be 100% personalised to impress your guests. This is another feature that we DON’T charge for whilst others do.
8 – FREE! We do not charge for Idle hours, many companies do. We work on the premise that we can only do one booking per day, nine times out of ten the SmileStation is booked for the evening. We set up between the day/night reception to avoid disrupting celebrations and we then wait until your booking time to start. We find that 830pm onwards is usually the best time to start. People generally like a few drinks first 😉
9 – Props! The SmileStation Photo Booth has an extensive range of fun props for your guests to use, ranging from the duck mouth and truncheon that your mother-in-law likes to wear, to Full face Deadpool & Donkey masks and much much more. Lets just say, you wont be dissapointed.
10 – Charisma! Finally the last reason is us, the SmileStation staff, we are there to look after your guests and we are charismatic and interactive with your guests and not like wet dish cloths like many booth attendants. We even have little games and prompt cards to help gusts choose what to dress up in.

And there you go, why would you NOT want a photo booth on your wedding day?